Waterloo Road Church, Waterloo Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex. UB8 2QX. Telephone: 01895 257663;

Charity registration number: 1142992

Welcome to Uxbridge & we hope to make you feel at home during your time at Brunel.

Waterloo Road Church has a long history of welcoming students. We currently have about 15 Brunel University students who come on a regular basis to the church. The church is about a 15 minute walk from the main Brunel campus. We also offer lifts for the services from the pond (10.10am for the morning & 6.10 for the evening).

We like to encourage everyone that comes to church to be involved & feel a part of our church family. This goes as much for the students as anyone else that comes along.

The church provides lunches each Sunday for students & every student is also part of the church pastoral care network which is there to provide prayer support. Additionally, there is the young people's housegroup which meets on a Thursday evening for Bible study & prayer.

The young people's group Intra is the main group who support & encourage students in the church (see their page for more details). Intra meets on a Sunday evening after the evening service around a church member's house. They also meet on a Thursday for housegroup.

If you're coming to Brunel for the first time we would love to hear from you & help you settle into Uxbridge life.

If you would like to know further details or for directions to the church, please contact Catherine Lacey who will be able to give you more details or point you in the right direction.



If you've not discovered the Brunel University Christian Union yet, do get in touch with them. You can link to their website here or Facebook.