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The story is told of a dad who was sitting watching television, when his little boy came running over. "Daddy, can you play with me?"

"Soon, son, soon" says Dad, "When this programme finishes."

Incessantly the little boy returned, "Daddy, is it time to play yet?". Realising he's not going to get any peace, Dad decides to set his son a task that will take some time. He notices a detailed picture of the world on the front page of the newspaper lying in front of him. Tearing the picture into smaller pieces he challenges his son to stick it all back together again, assuming it to be virtually impossible. But to his amazement, within five minutes he hears the exclamation, "I've finished daddy. Can we play now?". True enough, the boy had completed the task ...but how so?

The boy explained, "Oh, it was easy daddy. On the back of the world was a picture of a person, so I put the person together and that's when the world came together."

How do we put the world together?

How do we make sense of our world and find our way through it? Well, the Bible reveals that Jesus, the incarnate Son of God, is the face on the other side of the puzzle. He enables us to make sense of life and our world and to find a path through it. The answer to life and the universe is found in Him.  In a world full of questions (or mysteries) God presents Himself as the "revealer of mysteries" (Daniel 2:47) and says that the ultimate answer is Jesus Christ His Son (Colossians 2:2).

Jesus, who died on a cross, rose again and now invites everyone into a personal and eternal relationship with God, has said, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full" (John 10:10).

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