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In the 1957 film, "The Bridge on the River Kwai", the lead character, Colonel Nicholson played by Alec Guinness, is a prisoner of war in Burma who leads his men to build a bridge for his Japanese captors. Nicholson is an officer of high integrity dedicated to excellence; a great leader of men and thus well trained to complete any mission that he is given. He builds a beautiful bridge. But towards the end of the film he finds himself in the painful position of defending the bridge from attack by fellow officers who want to destroy it to prevent Japanese trains from using it. There's a chilling moment of realization, right before he detonates the bridge, when Nicholson utters the famous line, "What have I done?"  He was so focused on the goal of building the bridge that he forgot the larger mission of winning the war.

We too, as individual Christians and as a church, are susceptible to losing sight of the main thrust of our purpose. The hum-drum demands of everyday life and the inevitable, though sometimes unexpected, trials can consume so much of our time and energy that we risk our faith and outlook becoming an indistinguishable part of the old routine.  In 1963 University Christian Church, New York closed its doors for the last time and pinned the following public notice on the front of their building: "Gone out of business. Didn't know what our business was."  Sadly this story is being repeated many times over with hundreds of churches (in our country alone) facing closure or decline.

Our purpose is what defines us and if we do not know what we stand for then how can we expect anyone to show an interest in us or our beliefs. It's therefore so important that we constantly hold out before us two New Testament passages of Scripture. The first is Matthew 22v.37-39 and the second is Matthew 28v.19-20. These are the Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission given by Christ our Lord and together they sum up what we are to be about namely,

  1. Loving God with our whole being.
  2. Loving our neighbour.
  3. Making disciples through sharing the Gospel.

Are you a lapsed or disillusioned Christian in need of encouragement in your faith? Or a non-Christian who is confused or curious about what Christians really believe and what the Bible actually teaches? If you'd like to find out more about us or anything I've mentioned above please consider coming along to our Sunday services (you'd be most welcome) or contact the church office on 01895 257663 or send an e-mail to pastor@waterlooroadchurch.org.uk


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